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"How Much Does External Wall Insulation Cost?"

One of the first questions homeowners ask is:  ”How much will it cost?”, always a hard question to answer when you haven't see the property in question.   The answer is “It depends”.  Specifically  it depends mostly on the area of external walls on  your house.  The second biggest factor is normally gas meters and related pipework.  After that are other factors like the size of windows, the numbers of pipes, wires, satellite dishes etc etc.

The only way to properly quote for a house is to perform a site visit and take detailed measurements and photos.   But to speed things up we have put together three examples of actual houses with a guide prices.  This way people can see roughly where their properties would fit along the spectrum. 
The prices we quote here include VAT, Scaffolding, etc and excludes the 4000 euro SEAI grant.  So this is the maximum you should pay to retrofit external insulation to these homes and reach a U value of 0.27 W/m2/K.   This is the value specified in the Irish Building Regulations 2008 Technical Guidance Document L Conservation of Fuel and Energy.  

Type A

Mid Terraced house for external Insulation This house is a typical mid terraced home built by the Local Authority from the 1930s onwards.  Being mid terraced it only has a front and back wall which makes it the lowest cost home to insulate. 
Guide price to insulate ~ 5000 euro.

Type B

Semi Detached, medium home for external insuation pricing Another typical house type in Ireland is “The Semi-D”.  First developed by the Architect John Shaw in Chalk Farm London during the 1920s. 

Semi –Ds were build in huge quantities from the 1960s onwards all around Irish cities and towns as people moved from the countryside to urban areas.  These homes are taller and wider than the Type A shown above, plus they have a side wall that is missing from the mid terrace homes. 
Guide price to reach a u value of 0.27W/m2/K.  ~ 10 500 euro.

Type C

Stand alone house for external insulation The most expensive house type will always be the detached house.  There are four walls to consider and these houses are normally more substantial buildings.  These houses typically are “one off” individual houses and are not in estates. 

Unlike Type A and Type B houses shown above these is no generic Irish detached house.    This particular example has a price tag of ~ 27 000 euro. 

Plus you may be able to reduce these prices by 4000 euro. Most householders can qualify for a 4000 euro Irish Government grant since we are SEAI approved (Contractor number 11976)

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